Sales to Minors

In 1991, changes to the Public Health Act in New South Wales made it an offence to sell tobacco to anyone under 18 years of age, but the law was rarely enforced.

A 1993 survey of high school students showed that 25% had smoked in the past month and that over 83% of smokers reported having made a cigarette purchase attempt in the previous six months.

In 1994, following 18 months of extensive retailer education the first compliance surveys were conducted. Teams of teenage volunteers attempted to purchase cigarettes from over 120 tobacco retailers.

On the day the selling rate was 30%.

Regular surveys were conducted and following a series of well publicised prosecutions and continued retailer education campaigns, the selling rate has dropped to well below 10%.

We continue to survey at least 10% of all retailers at regular intervals.

Subsequent surveys of high school students showed a significant decline in smoking rates and purchase attempts.

For more detail on the Sales to Minors strategy download; the report published in the NSW Public Health Bulletin from 2009, the Central Coast Local Health District report 'Restricting Tobacco Sales to Minors - A Success Strategy' or the published article 'Restricting the retail supply of tobacco to minors' pictured to the lower right.

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