Smoking is a big problem in our community. To help address smoking, a competition is running for the Aboriginal community to create artworks which highlight the impact of smoking and ways that smoking can be addressed by the community.

 Art workshops

Local organisations are hosting art workshops led by local Aboriginal artist Kylie Cassidy.

Art resources will be provided at the workshops.

Workshops are being hosted during May by:

      • Gudjugang Ngara Li-dhi Aboriginal Corporation
      • Mingaletta
      • Nunyara Aboriginal Health Unit
      • Yerin Aboriginal Health Service

Please contact the organisations directly if you would like to attend a workshop - places are limited.

Artworks created at the art workshops can be entered into an art competition (see below)

Art competition


The Central Coast Aboriginal community is invited to enter workshops into an art competition focused on the issue of smoking and ways that smoking can be addressed by the community.

Artworks could show:

      • How badly smoking affects our community
      • The benefits of a smoke free environment
      • How we can address smoking in our community
      • How quitting smoking can be supported by the community

Artworks could focus on:

      • Our whole family
      • Pregnant women
      • Aboriginal youth
      • Our Elders

Entries to the art competition could be created in any type of format – painting, drawing, photography, video, music, dance etc.

Art competition entrants must complete the entry form and submit with their artwork.

Entries to the art competition close on 15th June 2018.


Competition voting

The art competition will be judged by members of the community. Go to to vote. Voting is open from 18th June until 12th July.

Competition winners will be announced at NAIDOC Community Event on 12th July 2018.


Competition prizes

Prizes are on offer for the artworks which receive the highest number of votes. The prize categories are:

      • Best painting or drawing
      • Best photography artwork
      • Best digital artwork (audio visual)
      • Best written artwork
      • Best artwork – other formats
      • Young artist award (best artwork by artist <25 years)
      • Overall art competition winner (most popular artwork)

The winner of each prize category will receive a $250 gift card, with the overall art competition winner receiving a $500 gift card.


Art exhibition








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