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Why is it an issue?
Early research shows that there are a range of issues linked with screen time, including disturbed sleep, impaired brain and language development, and lower emotional attachment with parents.

Screen time is also linked with overweight and obesity. Screen-based activities generally do not involve using much energy, and can take up time which could otherwise be spent participating in active and imaginative play. This has impacts on the development of important social and physical skills. Other concerns are that screen time encourages unhealthy eating due to exposure to junk food ads.

What about the benefits of screen time?
There are limited benefits of screen time for children's cognitive development. In fact, infants and young children who watch less than 2 hours of television per day can have better cognitive development, vocabulary and language skills.

Screens are often useful for education purposes, such as homework, especially for primary school children. However, recreational use of screens often far exceeds the amount of time spent using screens for educational purposes, so it is important to limit this recreational screen time.

Communicating with families about screen time.
We've put together some newsletter snippets to help communicate messages about screen time to families:


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The following videos are suitable for families; 

For families of 0-5 year olds.
Healthy Together Mildura - 30 sec ad
  For families of 5-12 year olds.
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