Physical Activity

Physical activity is important for growth and development. Not only does it help children with fitness and skill development, but it also has social, emotional and cognitive benefits.

There are many different ways in which children can be physically active. These include organised sport, active games and toys, using local recreation facilities, and active transport to school and other local destinations. Physical activity includes active play and games such as: hide and seek, tips, scavenger hunts, backyard cricket etc.
Kids playing soccer Boy riding a bike Kids playing with a ball

Children may like to participate in a variety of activities throughout the day to help them reach physical activity recommendations.

There are many activities that children can be involved in when they switch off the screen, including physical activity or other quiet activities such as craft, reading or music. Here is a great list of suggested activities from the Heart Foundation’s Unplug and Play Project.

Check out the Department of Health's Get Moving TV advertisement (30 sec)









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