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Primary School

Passport & Mini Passport Activity

First seen on the NSW Central Coast in 2004, the Live Outside the Box Passport has now been adapted as a year 5 and 6 activity for all schools across NSW. It is a component of the Live Life Well @ School program. For details of the Statewide Live Outside the Box project go to the Healthy Kids website.

 NSW schools can access an order form by clicking here.


What is the passport activity? Students record breakfast, fruit, veg, water, sometimes foods, TV/computer time, and physical activity in their passport. Passports, certificates and teacher resources are provided.


What is the Mini passport? The Mini Passport is a shortened version of the full passport activity. It has been developed for Central Coast and Northern Sydney schools for kindergarten to year 4 classes.


Click here for Live Outside the Box resources available in electronic format.

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