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NSW Health Childhood Obesity Website


The Q4 Live Outside the Box initiative aims to raise community awareness about the factors contributing to childhood overweight and obesity. Parents have an important role to play supporting their children, their school, and their wider community in addressing this important health issue. We hope the information and resources provided here help you in this role. We welcome you to contact us with questions, comments and suggestions. Click here to email.


 Healthy Lunchbox Resources

Would you like some help in choosing healthy foods for your child’s lunchbox - THAT THEY WILL ACTUALLY EAT??!! Check out these great resources;


Family ACTIVation Pack

FAP Link

The Family ACTIVation Pack is a fun packed resource to help parents/carers get active with their children. It's full of quick and easy games to play at home, in the park or wherever.... fun, active games that help to develop the movement skills of all members of the family.

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The Q4 Mini Passport is a one or two week activity for parents to complete with their children at home. Children record the fruit, vegetables and sometimes foods they eat, the amount of water they drink, and the time spent being physically active and watching television or playing computer games. Points are awarded with the aim to achieve "Top Scores' in as many categories as you can.
Lots of Central Coast schools will be sending the mini passport home as a health activity for their kindergarten to year 2 students in 2010. You can download a print friendly copy (1.4MB pdf) right here and do it with your kids.
 The Q4 project and website are aimed at raising awareness and provide ideas and suggestions that are general in nature. If you are concerned that your child has a weight problem you should discuss this with their doctor.  

How does your child's weight rate, check out the BMI calculator on the Department of Health's website. Click Here



The Parents Jury is an online network of Australian parents who wish to voice their views and to collectively advocate for the improvement of children's food and physical activity environments (for example, reduced
junk food marketing to children, healthy choices for school canteens,and activity-friendly neighbourhoods).

The Parents Jury is supported by Cancer Council Australia, Diabetes Australia Vic, QLD & WA, the Australian and New Zealand Obesity Society (ANZOS) and VicHealth. Together these organisations have a major interest in the prevention of childhood overweight and obesity.
Membership is free to all parents, grandparents and guardians of children aged under 18. Register now and have your say (click here or on image).



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