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High School 2 Week Challenge

Teacher Resources


The Q4 Challenge Activity for junior high schools is not being run at an area level in 2009 but all the resources you need to run it for a class or a whole school are available here.

It is designed for students in years 7 & 8. While it is not being coordinated at a Coast wide level this year, many teachers and schools have included it in their programs.All the resources you need are available here on the web if you would like to run it with your classes. It's a great positive activity for focusing the attention of students and their families on the factors contributing to overweight. The challenge runs for two weeks. Students record information on fruit and vegie consumption, physical activity, TV and computer use, and consumption of soft drink and other extra foods. 

There are comprehensive resources for teachers.

This site also has a fantastic teenagers only section with all sorts of great information on nutrition, physical activity and much more. It even has TV ads designed by Central Coast teenagers to address the obesity epidemic.




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