The Central Coast Primary School PDHPE Network meets for a workshop three times per year for 2 hours after school. All Central Coast primary teachers are welcome to attend. The agenda is planned in response to regular surveys of the members needs. Regular attendees receive hats and T-shirts to promote the Network. Workshops are currently attracting approximately 50 to 60 teachers.

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The Health Promotion Service, Central Coast Local Health District is endorsed to provide NESA Registered Professional Development for teachers at Proficient Teacher level.


Next workshop: Term 3 2017
15th August, 3:30-5:30pm, Niagara Park Public School

Come along to hear about the new PDHPE syllabus K-10 from the
DoE Personal Development, Health and Physical Education Advisor K-6

Teachers will learn about:

  • Current research and government priorities regarding the health and wellbeing of children in Australia
  • What we know about the new syllabus direction and therefore programming from an inquiry/strengths based approach, for a comprehensive whole school approach
  • Teachers will investigate what Health Literacy and Numeracy means to them in their school context
  • A practical physical activity/sports skill

See the workshop invitation for more information.

To email an enquiry click here, or phone 4320 9700.

Network Aims

  • Increase teacher's knowledge and skills in areas relating to PDHPE
  • Facilitate idea sharing and cooperation among schools
  • Provide advocacy on health issues to school communities
  • Develop resources to assist local teachers

Workshop News - 'Teaching K-6 Gymnastics'- August 2016

Teachers in action at the teaching K-6 Gymnastics workshop
Guest speaker Nicole McCarthy emphasised that K-6 gymnastics isn't scarey to teach The gymnastics in the K-6 syllabus is fun and safe. She demonstrated a variety of teaching activities and strategies as well as adaptions for different stages. We acknowledge with gratitude that Nicole's presentation was originally developed for an ACHPER NSW workshop and was used at this PDHPE Network workshop
Fruit and vegetable suit models
with their kind permission.Thanks also to teacher John Clifford of Budgewoi P.S for presenting a 5 min case study and also Erin, Monique and Don for modelling the Fruit and Vegi costumes currently available to loan from the Health Promotion Service.




'Games Sense'- May 2016

Specialist PDHPE teacher Ross Montague provided the participants with an excellent background on the Games Sense approach to teaching games.

Teachers in action at the Get Active with Music and Dance workshop
Ross backed up the theory with a great selection of activities that had everyone fully involved in the fun. Thanks Ross for your knowledge and enthusiasm, as well as a great display of teaching strategies. For more about Games Sense and to see Ross in action take a look at the Games Sense demonstration lessons he ran for secondary PE teachers at Henry Kendall High School in 2014.


'Teaching and Assessing Fundamental Movement Skills'- March 2016

Kristen Cohen of the University of Newcastle Priority Research Centre for Physical Activity and Nutrition, delivered an excellent presentation on teaching and assessing fundamental movement skills.

Teachers in action at the Get Active with Music and Dance workshop
After a review of the latest evidence for the importance of teaching FMS we were quickly down to the nitty gritty of lesson structure and programming, and were soon huffing and puffing putting it all into practise. Kristen won plenty of fans when she handed out and explained a raft of simple and effective assessment and reporting tools. Thanks to Kristen and also to her partner Josh who took half of the group for the practical component. Great presentation! 

Maths 'N' Movement - August 2015

Teachers in action at the Maths 'N' Movement workshop

Guest presenter Rachel McCann presented an engaging session demonstrating the incorporation of physical activity in teaching numeracy. She has developed a K-6 resource for teachers called Maths 'N' Movement. Rachel presented a variety of activities from the resource. Free ideas and resources are available from her website


For more on using physical activity to teach maths, take a look at these very encouraging results from the Hunter area to our north.

The associated YouTube clip to the left includes some fabulous testimonials from teachers involved in the study.

'Get Active with Music and Dance'- May 2015

Sue Lane of Musica Viva graced our Network again with a fantastic presentation on using dance and music to be active.

Teachers in action at the Get Active with Music and Dance workshop
Not only did Sue have us all enjoying ourselves and feeling like we could enjoy teaching dance, she taught us how to tick off outcomes from a variety of new Australian syllabi along the way. No point putting the workshop handout here, you really needed to be there. Thanks Sue.



'The Teacher's Bag of Tricks'- March 2015

Richard Withycombe and Phil Hoffman of the Point Wolstoncroft Sport and Recreation Centre have let the genie out of the bottle. They revealed some of the favourite indoor and outdoor activity breaks, ice-breakers and active rewards of sport and rec officers. They provided a grab bag of ideas for teachers to call on in a moments notice to fill a gap in proceedings with a fun and exciting activity. This workshop was first presented at the NSW PDHPE Teachers Conference in 2014. Richard and Phil adapted it for primary school teachers. The guys provided handouts of all the activites we covered and more.

'Yulunga - Traditional Indigenous Games'- August 2014

Aboriginal women and experienced teacher Cate Pross took us through some of her favourite games from the Yulunga Traditional Indigenous Games resource. You can access the whole resource under Physical Activity in our School Resources K-6 section.

'Reinforcing Numeracy and Literacy with Physical Activity'- March 2014

Teachers in action at the ACHPER Conference

Experienced teacher and AP Wendy Lee showed us how to make numeracy and literacy fun and active. Wendy showed us her favourite 8 physical activities for reinforcing numeracy and literacy. The presentation was excellent in exploring ways to modify activities to achieve different educational outcomes and to adapt to the needs of different stages. Wendy was also spot on with reminding us of ways to optimise active participation. Thanks Wendy for allowing us to share your wonderful work!
To download the workshop handout and/or view video clips from the workshop click here.

'Energisers and Active Breaks' plus Discover Your Inner Exercise Leader'- August 2013

Our Term 3 Workshop included two feature presentations plus a new 5 minute case study spot.

Teachers in action at the ACHPER Conference
Specialist PDHPE teacher Emma Davies ran the group through a fantastic range of stage specific energiser and active break ideas including a surprisingly difficult but fun way to come in to class in the morning. Lay a rope on the ground and have the students walk in, right foot to the left of the rope, left foot to the right. It felt a bit like trying to pat your head and rub your tummy at the same time! A standout feature of the activities were that they could all be run in the classroom with little or no equipment. The handout listed the names of the activities and the resources they came from but you really had to be there!

Jeff from Health Promotion reviewed exercise safety principles for kids and demonstrated a simple way of ad libbing exercise leadership. We also looked at a series of formats to increase participation, variety and fun. You can download the two handouts here; Exercise Safety and Exercise Formats.

We trialled a new segment in this workshop, the 5 minute case study. Matt Walter from Wyoming P.S suggested the segment so naturally we suggested he go first. Matt gave a terrific presentation on the game and equipment for Stucco. It was very well received by the teachers present and we hope we can find some other teachers who are willing to share a good idea or favourite game or piece of equipment.....otherwise we might rename the segment '5 Minutes with Matt' because he has loads of good things happening at Wyoming.

Go 4 Fun Favourite Active Games- May 2013

Presenters from the Go 4 Fun Program went through the details of their program and shared insights into how to increase children's physical activity. They also lead the group through a collection of active game favourites including Cat and Mouse, Rob the Nest, and Fruit Salad.

Gymnastics Isn't Scary to Teach - March 2013

Kanwal Public School hosted our 33rd Network workshop - Gymnastics Isn't Scary to Teach. Presenters from Gymnastics NSW and Gosford Gymnastics demonstrated that the gymnastics skills in the K-6 syllabus are fun and safe to teach. Click here for a single page on General Gym Safety Guidelines for teaching primary school gymnastics. Workshop participants got loads of other useful handouts too, if you want those, you'll just have to come to the workshops.

We also had an interesting update on the new Australian Dietary Guidelines from dietitian and Health Promotion Officer Jane Whatnall.

The Central Coast K-6 PDHPE & Sport Conference - September 2012

The Network did not offer its own workshop in Term Three. We chose not to compete with the ACHPER Conference and to throw our efforts into supporting it. The Central Coast K-6 PDHPE & Sport Conference was run by ACHPER NSW with the support of the DEC Sports Unit, and the CC LHD Health Promotion Service. It was a highly successful event.

The engaging and enlightening key note address on academic performance and physical activity from Nicholas Riley had teachers out of their seats and firing up their synapses.

Teachers in action at the ACHPER Conference
The conference embraced its physically active theme with participants getting very little sitting time. Red faces were the order of the day as teachers moved from one active workshop to another including gymnastics, fundamental movement skills, inclusive games, games in confined spaces and games for understanding. Incorporating physical activity into literacy and numeracy teaching was a workshop favourite.

The NSW Auditor General's Report into Physical Activity in Government Primary Schools released this year, documented that many schools are struggling to provide sufficient physical activity for their students. It also recommended that action be taken to increase teachers skills in teaching physical activity and sport.

The auditor general can take heart in the increasing support ACHPER is extending to K-6 teachers and schools. As well as increasing its on-line and member support for K-6 teachers, ACHPER has conducted K-6 PDHPE and Sport conferences this year in Sydney South West and the South Coast as well as the Central Coast. ACHPER now hopes to work its way around the state. Two Health Promotion Officers from Northern Sydney LHD attended the Central Coast conference with a view to hosting one in their region. The state's newest PDHPE Network, coordinated by the Health Promottion Service of the Mid North Coast has already commenced discussions with ACHPER.

After being chosen to host the inaugural ACHPER K-6 PDHPE and Sport Conference in 2011 we were thrilled to have the conference back this year.

Health Promotion Service support included promotion to teachers and schools, venue booking, program consultation, and staff support on the day. As part of the CC Health Promotion Service's promotion of the conference to local schools, three x $200 physical activity vouchers were offered as lucky door prizes. These were won by Copacabana PS, Ettalong PS and Point Clare PS. The Health Promotion Service was given the honour of opening the conference.

Games with Minimal Space and Equipment

This Network workshop topic was so popular we ran it in terms one and two 2012, and it was offered as an option at the ACHPER Conference in Term Three. No one was disappointed as presenter Sarah Ellery made a milk crate look like enough storage space for a dynamic school physical activity program, and a broom cupboard a big enough space to do it in ....ok, I'm exaggerating, but it was great. Sarah attracted one of our most popular responses ever in our post workshop survey. Keep your eye out for future presentations from Sarah.

School Physical Activity and Nutrition Survey (SPANS)

The latest SPANS results (SPANS 2010) were released in November 2011.

Click here for a Network summary of some of the main points of interest to primary school teachers

For more detail click here to access the Short Report or...

For all the detail click here to access the Full Report and/or

Check out the Sydney Morning Herald article

The ABC of Healthy Eating @ School

This informative Network workshop in Term Three 2011 included a twenty minute presentation on Eating Disorders from dietition Judith Leahy. The group then broke up into smaller workgroups to do two 15 minute workshops (Nutrition Resources for the Classroom with dietitian Lesley Marshall and Food Allergies and Intolerances with dietitian Kerry Naughton). Handouts from the sessions can be found in our resource section.

It wouldn't be a PDHPE Network workshop without some huff and puff. The session finished with a 20 minute practical component on teaching fun dance moves. The presenter was secondary PDHPE teacher Dave Von Kotz (AKA Dancing Derrick from the YouTube sensation 'European Dance Off').

Get Active with Music and Dance - 2011

In Term Two, 2011, Sue Lane was back to further demystify teaching dance. Sue Lane did another wonderful job of making dance teaching doable. She explained the key elements in simple terms and provided the group with fun new ideas to teach. Sue's methods always demonstrate the best components of teaching physical activity to maximise participation and involvement. Another great presentation that Sue has permitted us to video for wider distribution - Get Active with Music and Dance 2011

Maximizing Participation in Physical Activity

Term One 2011, saw Liz Wells present at our workshop. Liz is exceptional at getting everyone in a group active. She was generous enough to allow us to video her presentation - Maximising Participation in Fitness Activities for Primary School PDHPE 2011

Daily Physical Activity at School

Many schools achieve the minimum 120mins of physical activity during curriculum time through a daily physical activity program. In the current climate of concern over healthy weight, daily physical activity programming at school is becoming far more common. In some countries it has become a mandatory requirement of schools. For some great ideas for programming and activities check out some of the international freebies in our resource section. Mannering Park P.S run a Daily Physical Activity program for 25mins 3-4 days a week for the whole school (Sport on the 5th day). Activities are run by teachers and year 6 leaders. We recently took some video of the fitness component of their program. Click here to check it out (3.7MB Windows Media), includes interviews with teachers.

Here is a helpful dance teaching idea

Sue Lane, guest presenter at our Term 1, 2008 workshop explained that most western music is made up of packages of 32 beats grouped together, it's not intentional... that's just how it is (bizarre concept don't you think?). Anyway, it means any dance you or your kids come up with that goes for 32 beats (say 8 x walk on spot, 8 x skip around a partner, 8 x clap hands, 8 x walk to next partner, or something far more imaginative) fits with stacks of music. You can use the same dance to completely different styles of music and watch how elements such as time and space change to suit. Following the workshop Sue also sent us a list of very different styles of music that are all examples of the 32 beat pattern. Click here to download a copy.

Sue was generous enough to allow us to video her whole workshop. Check it out at Dance 4 Creativity 2008.

Contact the Network coordinator for more information on: 4320 9721.








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