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Central Coast Primary School PDHPE Network Workshop Clips

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These videos demonstrate some popular physical activity ideas for K-6 school children that utilise the FISH principle i.e. Fun, Inclusive, Safe and High involvement. All videos in the FISH series were filmed at PDHPE Network workshops on the Central Coast of NSW. Thank you to Scott Elkovich and Simon Madden of the Australian Sport's Commission's 'Active After School Communities' program, and fitness professionals Suellen Dennehy, and Liz Wells for allowing us to video and publish their presentations. Thanks also to our wonderful and enthusiastic teachers.

View the video clip of the workshop presentation of any of the activities below. Full screen viewing is available by clicking the box in the corner of the viewing screen.

FISH 1 - Numbers   FISH 2 - Circles

FISH 3 - Balloons
  FISH 4 - Thread the Needle

FISH 5 - The Captain is Coming
  FISH 6 - Static Balance

FISH 7 - Sharks and Seals
  FISH 8 - Shuttle Relays

FISH 9 - Beat the Ball
  FISH 10 - Dodge Ball

FISH 11 - 6 Hit and Go  








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