Dance for Creativity for Primary School PDHPE
Central Coast Primary School PDHPE Network Workshop Clips

The video clips below are from a PDHPE Network workshop for primary school teachers on teaching dance. The workshop was a practical session on designing and running fun and active primary school dance programs. The workshop has a particular emphasis on understanding and teaching the elements of dance as defined in the NSW syllabus i.e. space, time, action, dynamics, relationships and structure.

The presenter is Sue Lane. Sue has a way of enabling generalist primary school teachers to choreograph and teach dance, address the dance components of the NSW PDHPE syllabus, and have loads of fun in the process. She is an accomplished teacher and lecturer in creative and performing arts. We thank Sue for allowing us to video and publish her workshop presentation. Thanks also to our wonderful and enthusiastic teachers.

View the video clip of the workshop presentation of any of the activities below. Full screen viewing is available by clicking the box in the corner of the viewing screen.

Workshop Handout

click here for the workshop handout


Sue Lane explains the handout in the video to the left. However it might be best to view the activites below first as Sue refers to them in her explanation.


Warm-up - 32 Beat Breakmixer Dance
  Demonstrates and explores-
  • 'Echoing' - students follow the teacher's lead. No words are spoken
  • The effect of different pieces of music on the same dance moves

Dance Elements
The elements of dance are explained followed by a fun dance move relay activity exploring the different elements  

Chance Dance - Group activity to introduce choreography
Throw the dice to discover which element you need to incorporate in your dance.  








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