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Current Health Promotion Projects with information and resources for adults;

Alcohol Sales to Minors project link

Alcohol Sales to Minors - Explores the issues around retail supply of alcohol to minors.

Alcohol information for 13 to 17 year olds, parents and teachers.

Active Over 50 - Physical Activity program for the over 50s. Run through local fitness centres and community centres.

Over 40? Check your risk for type 2 diabetes.

Breast feeding friendly scheme. Find or become a business that supports public breast feeding.

Link to Family ACTIVation Pack

Falls Injury Prevention. Comprehensive advice and resources.

Join the revolution. Get your exercise as part of your travel to work. Join up for regular motivating emails.

Reduce secondary supply of alcohol to underage people. Run through sporting clubs.

Tobacco control initiatives on the Central Coast.

External Projects;

Free telephone health coaching service provided by the NSW Ministry of Health. Helps people to make lifestyle changes regarding healthy eating, physical activity and achieving and maintaining healthy weight.

Specific Resources;

'Quick meals for Kooris' is a 'hands-on' cooking program that is designed to assist urban Aboriginal people to cook healthy meals for the family. Clicking on this link will download the resource (15MB).

Archived Health Promotion Projects with information and resources for adults;
(Reference only - not kept up to date);

Central Coast Cycling Promotion and information

The Active Healthy Workplace initiative was designed to raise understanding amongst employers/management & employees; of how likely it is that the workplace environment contributes to the overweight and obesity pandemic.

The Measure Up for Health (MU4H) project was conducted on the Central Coast in 2008. MU4H was aimed specifically at workplaces and has been left here as a resource for workplaces wanting to address healthy weight.

Supply Means Supply was a campaign designed to reduce secondary supply of alcohol to underage teenagers.








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