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Munch and Move News is for directors and educators of services involved in the Munch & Move program on the NSW Central Coast.

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Newsletter Snippets and Infographics

Below are a range of short snippets and infographics that can be used in your service's newsletters.


Lunchboxes and healthy eating (New for 2017)
Don't be fooled
Healthy meal times - gardening
Healthy meal times - talk
Healthy meal times - shopping
Keep lunches simple
Keep snacks simple - vege sticks
Lychee packaging
Mandarin packaging
Same sandwich every day
Small portions
Veg it up with broccoli and cauliflower
Veg it up with carrots


Wet Weather Ideas (New for 2017)
 Chop up a Storm
Fruit and Veg Animal
Pasta Man


Breastfeeding Helps... (New for 2017)
Growth and Development


Drinks and sugar
Why focus on water?
How much food should your child be eating?
Healthy cheap snack ideas
How do I chose a healthier packaged snack?



(New for 2017)

Active play
Being active - bike
Being active - box
Movement skills



(New for 2017)

Put down the screen - draw
Put down the screen - dress ups
Screen time
Screen time - nobody remembers
Screen time - switch off & get active
Screen time - unplug and play
Turn off the screen - scavenger hunt 1
Turn off the screen - scavenger hunt 2








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