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The first phase of the intervention was to distribute project materials (brochure, card) to the parents of 15-17yr olds at football (soccer) registration days and grading days. The same materials were also given to senior players. The clubs were given posters to display in their clubrooms and in the canteens. The same posters are being displayed behind the bars at Bluetongue Stadium and in various bottle shops of licensed clubs. Three TV ads have been made, one with the project message, one featuring the CC Mariners, and an NRL version featuring refs and ex-players (CC Mariners, NRL). These ads have been shown on the big screen at CC Mariners home games, on NBN and will soon be shown in local cinemas.

For a list of the participating clubs, please click here

The second phase will target Surf Life Clubs and Cricket Clubs, for further information please re-visit this page at the beginning of the Summer season.

It is hoped that over the next couple of years we will work with as many different sports as possible.

If you are the coach or manager of a Central Coast Sports Club and would like to be involved with the project please contact Annie Warn:







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