The Central Coast Health Promotion Service has a long history of working in the field of alcohol and the under 18's. The aim of "Most People Don't" is to reduce the supply of alcohol to U18's. The project builds upon the successes of Supply Means Supply which targeted bottle shops, this time the targets are parents, local sporting clubs, particularly coaches and managers and young people aged 18-25.
The title of the project is based on the premise that most people don't give or supply alcohol to under 18's.

The Most People Don't project hopes to work with most sports on the Central Coast during the next three years. It is currently being trialled with Central Coast Football (Soccer) Clubs. Baseline data was collected in September 2011 from 3 local clubs - Killarney District, Terrigal and Umina. The post evaluation will be conducted with the same 3 clubs in September 2012.

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