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Despite all the marketing of foods to parents as being healthy or time saving, many of the foods sold in supermarkets for lunchboxes aren’t a healthy choice – and the packaging creates a lot of waste.
This can be a challenge, but the solution is to keep it basic!

A healthy lunch starts with

  1. a sandwich, preferably with some protein, such as lean meat or cheese on wholemeal or wholegrain bread
  2. some fruit or veggies (for fruit break at school)
  3. a bottle of tap water
  4. a healthy snack -often the confusing part
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Healthy lunchbox snack:

Stick to basic foods like wholegrain biscuits and cheese, pikelets, rice cakes, fruit buns or dried or fresh fruit.
Extras such as crisps, muesli bars and sweetened drinks, including fruit juices are not recommended.

A lunchbox with compartments can save on packaging, using the family foods to create a serve. For example slice some cheese from a block and pack with 3 or 4 wholegrain cracker biscuits. This is a healthier option than many prepacked varieties, is cheaper and has less packaging waste.
Many schools and childcare services are now promoting waste free lunches.

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Click on the resources below for some healthy suggestions for the lunchbox (3-4MB each).
Try using the FREE FoodSwitch App to rate a packaged food and suggest a better choice.

50 cent options
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