How RU travelling? is a new one week primary school activity to:

  • Promote healthy behaviours including active travel to school, Crunch&Sip® break at school, vegetable consumption, and replacing screen time with physical activity.
  • Support teachers providing health information to families.

The activity was developed for Stage 3 (years 5 and 6) students, and offers a range of resources which are available to download from the menu at the left.

You can also access loads of useful background information below:

Active Travel to School
- The NSW Active Travel Charter for Children

- Choose water as a drink
- Eat more fruit and veggies

Eat Veggies
- Eat more fruit and veggies
- Fruit and vegetable health benefits chart
- Healthy eating for children

Be Active
- Fact sheet children 5-12 years
- Healthy Kids fact sheet - Get Active
- Physical activity guide 5-12 years
- Physical activity tips and ideas for 5-12 years

Replace Screen Time
- Healthy Kids fact sheet - Turn off the TV

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