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Newsletter snippets

School newsletter infographics and snippets

School newletter infographics are provided in jpg format to insert straight into your newsletters.

Some older newletter inserts are provided in Word and pdf format - you can simply cut and paste snippets straight into your newsletters.

Physical activity and screen time snippets
Healthy eating snippets

60 minutes a day

Being active

Being active - skipping

Put down the screen - draw

Screen time - nobody remembers

Screen time - unplug and play

Go for a ride


Turn off the screen - explore

Active Transport (.doc)

Physical activity set 4 (.doc)

Physical activity set 3 (.pdf)

Physical activity set 2 (.pdf)

Physical activity set 1 (.pdf)

Put down the screen - play hopscotch

Talk to each other - boys

Talk to each other - girls

Venture outdoors

5 Veges a day

Choose water - not fizzy drinks

Choose water - refill your bottle

Crunch & Sip

Creative food ideas 1

Creative food ideas 2

Creative food ideas 3

Get fruity everyday

Healthy meal times - breakfast

Healthy meal times - cooking

Healthy meal times - gardening

Healthy meal times - talk

Healthy meal times - shopping

Keep snacks simple - fruit bun

Keep snacks simple - pikelets

Keep snacks simple - scone

Keep snacks simple - all

Keep snacks simple - vege sticks

Keep lunches simple

Lunchboxes 1

Lunchboxes 2

Lunchboxes 3

Lunchboxes 4

Pack healthy food - behaviour

Pack healthy food - concentrate

Prepare a healthy meal

Protect your teeth

Veg it up with broccoli and cauliflower

Veg it up with carrots

Veg it up with wraps


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Physical Activity


Free Playground Stencils Loan Scheme

Give your playground an ACTIVE facelift with our stencils. They're available to loan for free to Central Coast schools from the Central Coast Health Promotion Service. Six stencils available including Alphabet Tree, Snail Hopscotch, Compass, Clock, Target and Four Squares.

See order form for details

Playground Stencils Information Pack (includes details of what paint to use and ideas for using the stencils)

Yulunga Resource

Free Videos of PDHPE Network Workshops

Please enjoy some free professional development. We've captured some of our Network workshops and activities over the years. The following titles can be viewed on-line;

Reinforcing Numeracy and Literacy with Physical Activity 2014

Get Active with Music and Dance 2011 

Maximising Participation in Fitness Activities for Primary School PDHPE 2011

Dance 4 Creativity 2008 

FISH (Fun, Inclusive, Safe, High Involvement) Physical Activities 2008

Some of our other workshop footage is available on DVD and CD - Click here for a list of free DVDs and CDs

Fundamental Movement Skills

The Department of Education and Communities has components of it's Get Skilled, Get Active Resource on line.

Games Resources

Playing for Life - From the Active After School program of the Australian Government, The full kit ($109) includes a massive selection of activity cards on cooperative play, wild card, invasion, striking/fielding, net/court and target games in the categories of easy, medium and hard. There is also a CD ROM of all the activities which can be purchased seperately for just $10.Order from the Australian Sports Commission.

Traditional Indigenous Games - Australian Sports Commission Resource

Yulunga ResourceYulunga is an activity resource of over 100 traditional Indigenous games created to provide all Australians with an opportunity to learn about, appreciate andexperience aspects of Indigenous culture.

Suitable for children and adults of all ages, abilities and backgrounds, Yulunga can be used in schools around Australia as an educational resource and as a guide to inclusive, structured sport within communities. Click on the image to the left to download the whole document (warning - large download 6MB). Alternatively you can download individual parts from the Australian Sports Commission website.

More Traditional Games

Check out the wonderful 'Playtime' DVD. Street games from all around the world. Provides a great opportunity to incorporate some physical activity into Society and Culture.

Daily Physical Activity Resources

For a free downloadable comprehensive daily physical activity resource go to Alberta Canada. Includes 100's of activity ideas as well as organisational guidelines.

Pedometer Activities for Primary Schools

Pedometer Loan Scheme Ideas

Pedometer Fact Sheets for Parents

Sample school letter to parents

Pedometer activity ideas for teachers 

  Take a look at the local resources developed to support the National Measure Up campaign. Measure Up booklets and tape measures were distributed to parents of year 5 and 6 primary students at participating primary schools during 2009. Participating schools received a set of pedometers to loan to parents and staff and keep to use in class, plus support materials.Great resources here if you're getting into pedometers at school.


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Healthy Eating

Health Promotion Service Nutrition Resources

The Magic Lunchbox

The Great Lunchbox Debate

Nutrition Resources for the Classroom 

Kindergarten Orientation Resources 

Healthy Fund Raising Tips for Schools and Canteens



Kids eating fruit

Eating Disorder Resources

Reading List

Recommended websites  

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Useful Websites and Resources

Healthy Kids  Joint initiative of the NSW Ministry of Health, NSW Department of Education and Communities and the Heart Foundation.

Healthy Kids  Previously the NSW School Canteens Association.

Crunch and Sip - School fruit, vegie and water breaks

Young Media  Too much TV and computer time interferes with important time for real world learning and being physically active. Go to this site for great fact sheets on media issues for kids and their families (very suitable for newsletter inserts). The site has other useful bits like film reviews with recommendations for different age groups based on solid child development theory.

Australian Dietary Guidelines (including Guide to Healthy Eating)

Sun-protection Websites List (pdf)








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