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Physical Activity

Game Sense Approach to Leading Physical Activity

One great way to increase activity levels in physical activity sessions for children and young people is by using the Game Sense approach to leading activities.

Check out this video workshop for secondary teachers shot at Henry Kendall High School 2014.

Traditional Indigenous Games - Australian Sports Commission Resource

Yulunga ResourceYulunga is an activity resource of over 100 traditional Indigenous games created to provide all Australians with an opportunity to learn about, appreciate andexperience aspects of Indigenous culture.

Suitable for children and adults of all ages, abilities and backgrounds, Yulunga can be used in schools around Australia as an educational resource and as a guide to inclusive, structured sport within communities. Click on the image to the left to download the whole document (warning - large download 6MB). Alternatively you can download individual parts from the Australian Sports Commission website.

Pedometer Activities for High Schools



Pedometer activity ideas for teachers -
Contributed by Tuggerah Lakes Secondary College, Tumbi Umbi Campus

Use pedometers to activate kids who forget their PE uniform
This worksheet provided by St Peter's Catholic College Tuggerah

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Healthy Eating

Health Promotion Service Nutrition Resources

Q4 Live Outside the Box Teenagers Section This project has been archived now but it still contains loads of great resources for teachers and students.

Eating Disorder Resources

Reading List

Recommended websites  

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EDDI  EDDI stands for Every1 Doesn't Do It. It's an on-line alcohol reality check for 13 to 17 year olds. It asks teenagers to enter any alcoholic drinks they've consumed in the last 7 days and then compares them to other people their age. It's based on Social Norms theory that says kids are more likely to drink if they think its the norm....and it isn't! Most kids don't drink and most of the one's that do, drink relatively small amounts. EDDI only takes a few minutes to complete but it contains a powerful short message for teens. It also includes links to other alcohol resources including a binge drinking and teens video developed on the Central Coast. EDDI had a redevelopment in 2014 and is now available across all devices and is running even faster!.

Teenager taking breath test Contact us to borrow an alcoliser for a school function

Reducing the Risks of Teenage Alcohol Consumption on the Central Coast - Information for Schools

Under 18's Safe Entertainment Guide for the Central Coast.


The Tobacco pages on this website are loaded with great anti-tobacco resources and information on local tobacco control campaigns.

Useful Websites and Resources

Healthy Kids  Joint initiative of the NSW Ministry of Health, NSW Department of Education and Communities and the Heart Foundation.

Healthy Kids  Previously the NSW School Canteens Association.

Celebrate Safely

Australian Dietary Guidelines (including Guide to Healthy Eating)

Heart Foundation  Great selection of physical activity and healthy eating resources.

Dietitians Assoc. of Australia

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