Video Workshop on Using the Game Sense Approach

One great way to increase activity levels in physical activity sessions for children and young people is by using the Game Sense approach to leading activities Read more about Game Sense.

This series of videos is all about seeing Game Sense in action. Together the videos form a master class on using the Games Sense approach. The videos were filmed at a Henry Kendall High School PDHPE Department staff development session in June 2014.The presenter is experienced PDHPE teacher and 2013 NSW PDHPE Conference presenter Ross Montague. Ross leads two Games Sense lessons that have been broken up into a series of short clips Read more.

Lesson 1 is presented fairly complete. All stages of the lesson and all teacher instructions are included. Footage of actually playing each activity has been cut to reduce viewing time. It has been divided up into nine discrete clips (sessions) Read more.

Lesson 2 is presented less completely. Selected footage has been included from this lesson to demonstrate a variety of different activities and further illustrate the Games Sense approach in action. It features a new group of students working towards the game of netball.

Lesson 1 - Working Towards Oz Tag and Touch Football Type Games

Session One - Game Sense Explained   Session Two - Warm-up Game

Session Three - Bullrush with Passing
  Session Four - Game Sense = Problem Solving

Session Five - Possession Game
  Session Six - Invasion Game

Session Seven - OzTag Warm-up
  Session Eight - Teamwork Elimination

Session Nine - Defensive Lines


Lesson 2 - Working Towards Netball Type Games

Session One - Team Passing Warm-up
  Session Two - Possession Game

Session Three - Goal Scoring Game








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