Step by Step Guide for Stage 2 Teachers

The Q4:H2O activity is a one week project to promote healthy drinks to children and their parents/carers and to support teachers getting healthy drink messages to families.
Each student completes a student card over the week, with parents to sign. On the back of the card are some useful tips and information. There are classroom lessons, posters, newsletter items and an optional canteen promotion to support this activity.

Prior to running the Q4:H2O activity:

1. Discuss the Q4:H2O activity with Stage 2 teachers, (and canteen supervisor if your school is running a canteen promotion) and look through the Background information, Interactive Whiteboard Activities and Teacher Notes.
2. Print off student cards for your class (1 for each student).
3. At a school assembly, inform the school about the Q4:H2O activity and the canteen promotion. The canteen promotion is available to the entire school.
4. Let parents and carers and your school community know about the Q4:H2O activity - add a newsletter item to the school newsletter.

Start the Q4:H2O activity in Stage 2 classes:

1. Display posters in your classroom
2. Distribute the student cards to each stage 2 student
3. Use the introductory Q4:H2O Interactive Whiteboard lesson 1 to explain how to complete the Q4:H2O student card.
4. Use the other lessons (2-4) during the activity week.
5. Remind students to complete the card each day.

The week after running the activity at your school:

1. Discuss class results with students.

Thank you for being part of this Q4:H2O activity!








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