What are the fines?

Retailers found guilty of selling alcohol to a minor face substantial penalties, including fines of up to $11,000 and/or 12 months imprisonment, as well as a strike for venues under the Three Strikes disciplinary scheme.

Commencing in 2015, an escalating sanctions regime created further significant penalties for licensed venues caught selling alcohol to minors. Where the offence is proven, licences can be suspended for up to 28 days for a first offence, increasing to the automatic cancellation of a licence for a third offence in a 12-month period.

In 2015 a Central Coast bottle shop was the first venue in NSW to be prosecuted under these tough new penalties for selling alcohol to minors. The prosecution followed a NSW Liquor and Gaming targeted surveillance operation that observed a 17-year-old youth purchasing alcohol from the bottle shop without being asked for age ID. The venue had it's license suspended for a week and was ordered to pay fines and costs totalling $2,250.

NSW Police and NSW Liquor and Gaming will be undertaking continued compliance operations and will be taking a zero tolerance approach to any licensed venues or staff found selling alcohol to minors, as well as any adults caught supplying alcohol to minors illegally through secondary supply.


Link to Thanks for Asking poster
Link to ID checklist flowchart
Link to window decal warning monors of penalties for attempting to purchase alcohol

The Central Coast Local Health District Health Promotion Service consulted with local bottle shop staff and managers to create the 'Thanks for Asking' poster.

NSW Liquor and Gaming also have a number of resources to assist retailers avoid underage sales. Click on the images above. More resources are available for download from the Liquor and Gaming NSW website.
Click on the image to download a printable version of the poster. Click on the image to download the ID checklist flowchart Click on the image to download the window decal


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