NSW Healthy School Canteen Strategy

The NSW Healthy School Canteen Strategy, based on the Australian Dietary Guidelines, outlines food and drinks permitted for sale through canteens in NSW government school canteens and vending machines. It also supports the Nutrition in Schools Policy, which identifies that any school program or activity relating to or involving food and drink should promote healthy eating and good nutrition to students.

The Food and Drink Benchmark underpins the new strategy and guides school canteens to promote healthy food and drinks. The benchmark replaces the traffic light criteria (GREEN, AMBER and RED) of the previous Fresh Tastes @ School Strategy. Determining what's allowed and what's not can be complicated in the school canteen.

The 4 main elements of the Food and Drink Benchmark
These are the minimum activities schools need to meet to successfully implement the new strategy:

  1. There are two categories of food and drinks: EVERYDAY and OCCASIONAL.
  2. The Health Star Rating (HSR)– all OCCASIONAL foods must have a HSR of 3.5 stars and above. For EVERYDAY foods, there is no HSR needed.
  3. Portion size limits – there are portion limits for just a few categories of EVERYDAY food and drinks and ALL OCCASIONAL food and drinks.
  4. Market and promote healthier choices – the goal is to make healthier EVERYDAY food and drinks stand out and sell well.

Sugary drinks continue to NOT BE SOLD in school canteens or vending machines.

Central Coast schools may contact us for assistance.

For more information please see the Healthy School Canteens website.  



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