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Please note that the Measure Up 4 Health Workplace Physical Activity Challenge page is now archived as a reference and is not being kept up to date.

Workplace Physical Activity Challenge



 Getting enough physical activity into your day when you're working can be a challenge. Take a week and use the resources below to see if you can do it.


1.Use the Measure Up 4 Health booklet and a tape measure to find out if your waist size is 'risky'.


2. For one week...

- keep a log of moderate intensity physical activity you do like brisk walking (try to accumulate 30 mins per day on most, preferably all days), and...


- keep a log of active choices you make, like taking the stairs instead of the lift (look for opportunities to increase physical activity in your day to day routine)


Good luck and enjoy the challenge!


Download the resources you need right here.

There are loads of ideas on how to increase your physical activity in the Challenge brochure below. Print the flyers and poster to encourage your workmates.

 Measure up for Health Booklet  -  Challenge Brochure and Log Sheet   -  Flyer 1   -   Flyer 2   -   Poster






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