More Active Skills Games to Play with Your Family 

Exhausted all the games in the Family Activation Pack?..... Well done!!!!

Below you will find a selection of additional active games listed under the fundamental movement skills the games help to develop.

Each game in this section and in the Family ACTIVation Pack is selected with a few criteria in mind;

  • it must be fun!
  • it can be played by 1 to 5 people
  • it includes at least one fundamental movement skill

The games have been collected from a variety of places including the memories of adults, interviews with kids and the websites* listed at the bottom of this page.

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Static Balance 








Hop, Skip, Leap 





Static Balance

Stork Stand Contest

Need: Cans of food
Players: One person or more

The can of food is placed upright on the floor, and the contestants stand on them with one foot. They remain standing on the cans as long as possible. Other players may pester/heckle them, but may not touch them. Several can compete at once, and the one who remains on the can for the longest time wins. If on your own try for your best time.

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Beat the hoop

-1 Hoop
-1 Ball

Think of a number in your head, Spin the hoop so it turns on the spot as you (or a friend) calls out the number. Try to bounce the ball on the ground as many times as what number was called out before the hoop stops spinning

People needed: 1 or more

Blind Volleyball

-Soft foam ball
-Lounge or other solid partition

Separate into teams sitting cross legged behind each side of the partition (at least one person on each side). One person is chosen as the server and throws the ball over the partition while the team on the other side tries to catch the ball. If the ball is caught, it is then thrown back so the other team can try to catch the ball. This goes on until the ball hits the ground, in which case the round is over and the throwing team gets a point. As each round ends, the server swaps to a person on the opposite side. First to score 5 points wins

People: at least 2 people

Ice Cream Tennis

-Tennis ball

Use the cardboard to make a cone and make sure it is big enough to fit the tennis ball inside the cone. Throw the ball in the air as high as you can and try to catch it with the cone. Can you catch the ball 20 times in a row?
***NOTE*** You can play with a friend by throwing it to one another while the other person tries to catch.

People: 1 or more people


-Outdoor space
-Water Balloons

Fill some balloons with water and tie off. Stand with a partner and throw a balloon to them underarm. They have to catch it. Get them to throw it back to you. Each catch that is made, everyone who plays takes a step back. If the Balloon isn't caught and it pops, The other participants get to throw a water balloon at them.

People: 2 or more people
**NOTE** This can be played in teams as well

Scoop Game

-Milk Cartons
-Outdoor Space
-Small ball or beanbag

This is like Splash but using the bottom of milk cartons to catch the bean bag or ball.

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Toy Basketball

Play basketball with toys shooting them into a bucket or other basket. Great way to tidy up!!


-10 Skittles or plastic bottles filled with sand. These are targets
-Tennis Ball

Label the targets from 1 – 10. Stand them up near each other but not touching. Stand at least 4m away. Throw the tennis ball to knock down the skittles. Your score is the numbers of the skittles all added up. Add up your score and try again. Keep adding your score till you get 100 points.

Try to aim for the least amount of tries to score 100 points.

People: 1 or more people

Bean Bag Target Toss

Required: Five bean bags, or smooth stones
Players: One or more

Draw three concentric circles on the floor to make a target, start with a 25cm, then 50cm, and then 75cm.
Points allotment: 10 points –25cm bulls eye
5 points – 50cm boundary
2 points – 75cm boundary

Each player takes a turn throwing bags toward the target about 3 to 5 metres away. To score, toss must be completely in boundary and not touching a line. After each player is given five throws and the score is determined from the final position of that person's five tosses.

Umbrella Bounce

Required: Tennis balls and 1 or more umbrellas
Players: 1 or more
Set up umbrellas upside down about 3 to 5m away. Have players try to bounce tennis balls into the umbrellas, but they should bounce at least once. You can even see who can bounce two or more times into their umbrella.

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Handball Squash

-Tennis Ball

Bounce the ball from the ground onto the wall so it rebounds back. Hit the ball with the palm of your hand so the ball bounces on the ground again and onto the wall, so that it bounces back to you. Keep on doing this until you miss, or until the ball bounces on the ground more than once each hit.

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Hop, Skip, Leap 

Bubble Agent

Make homemade bubbles: Have contests to see how many bubbles you can pop running, leaping, skipping (Mix 1 cup no tears baby shampoo with 3 cups water. Make bubble wands out of straws or thin wire.)


Escargot - French version Hopscotch

Required: Play area and chalk
Players: 2 or more, ages 6 and up

Draw on the sidewalk a snail shaped play area with lines about 12 inches apart for about 15 to 20 squares. Number the squares starting with the outside as the starting point, the first square as number one. The very center of the circle should be a resting stop and just before that is the last number. The first player must hop on one foot without stepping on any lines or putting down the other foot. In the center they can rest and then they must hop back out following the same rules. If they complete this task, they are rewarded one square of their choice to place their initials on, this will give them an additional resting stop. Other players must hop over this stop. The next player will do the same. Anyone who steps on a line or steps on someone's resting stop loose that turn. You play this until it is impossible to hop to the center or all spaces are initialed. The player with the most spaces initialled is the winner.

Tissue Hop

Can be done as an individual challenge, race or relay depending on numbers.

To play, balance a tissue on one foot and hop to the finish line and back.

If a player drops the tissue, they have to start again.

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Drop the Toothpick Race

Required: Tooth picks and plastic drink bottles
Players: Can be done as timed challenge for 1 participant, a race for 2 participants or relay race for small group

Set up a desired number of teams. Have a starting line and a plastic bottle for each team about 6 metres away. On go, one person from each team is to race to their plastic bottle with a box of tooth picks in hand and try to drop a tooth pick into the bottle while standing over it. Once this is achieved they are to race back without spilling toothpicks, back to line and the next person completes drop until the team is finished.
If toothpicks are too hard, try giving the teams sultanas. Closing one eye sometimes helps.

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Hacky Sack

-Hacky Sack (Like a small beanbag)

See how many times, on your own or in a circle group you can juggle the hacky sack with your feet. Takes a lot of foot-eye co-ordination.

People: 1 or more – group can be almost as big as you want
***NOTE*** There are tricks you can learn from this game too

Force em' Backs Kicks

-Soccer ball or other suitable ball for kicking
–Large outside area with something (eg. existing lines or water bottles) to mark end lines and side lines. Adjust size of field to suit number of players.

At least two people required.

Stand on the field facing your opponent and attempt to stop the ball kicked by your opponent from getting passed you. First person kicks the ball from about half way inside their own half attempting to get it passed their opponent. After the first kick you get to kick the ball from where you stop it, from where it goes out a sideline or from where it comes to a halt. Defensive players have to stand back at least 5 steps from the kicker or on end line. This continues till one person kicks the ball over their opponent's end line.

People: 2 or more

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