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Healthy Eating Quiz andTips

Please note that the Measure Up 4 Health Workplace Physical Activity Quick Quiz page is now archived as a reference and is not being kept up to date.

Eating well goes hand in hand with being active to maintain a healthy bodyweight. That is when the amount of energy being taken in (from food and drinks) balances that being used (through physical activity).

Eating well is about how we eat, when we eat and what we eat – both the types and amount of food we eat. Eating well is also about enjoying the food we eat.


How well do you eat? ......Take this quick quiz*.


Thinking about what and how much you eat on a typical day give yourself one point if you:


1. Eat at least five serves of vegetables every day.
A serve is half a cup of cooked vegies or one cup salad. (Hot chips don't count!)


2. Eat at least two serves of fruit every day.
A serve is one medium piece (e.g. an apple) or two small pieces (e.g. apricots) of fresh fruit or one cup of chopped or canned fruit.


3. Have two serves of reduced-fat milk or alternatives each day (e.g. one slice reduced-fat cheese, one cup low-fat soy milk with added calcium, a small tub of reduced-fat yogurt).


4. Eat some high fibre cereal or wholegrain bread every day.


5. Eat a small serve of lean meat, chicken or fish; or two eggs or some nuts or legumes (e.g. tofu, lentils, chickpeas, beans such as kidney beans or baked beans) every day.

6. Limit deep-fried fast foods to once a week or less.


7. Limit high sugar drinks such as soft drink to once a week or less.


How did you go? If you scored

6-7, Congratulations – you are eating well!

4-5, There's room for improvement in your eating habits.

0-3, It's time for a serious overhaul!



A Few Tips for Healthy Eating


Eat a healthy breakfast

Avoid snacking between meals.

Watch your portion size – many people eat much more than they need.

Choose water to quench your thirst.

Plan healthy, quick and easy meals for busy days

Take time to enjoy cooking - experiment with new foods and try new recipes.

Make the most of foods in season.

Eat the right amounts of foods from the healthy food groups

(see the Australian Guide to Healthy Eating - 2MB download)

Make mealtime’s special occasions for the whole family.

Eat slowly and savour every mouthful.

Listen to your body – eat when you feel hungry and stop when you feel full.


* Adapted from ‘Eat Well Quick Quiz’, Your 30, Queensland Health web site 2007




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